Contract-offer for the provision of services on the Internet
1.1 This document is the official public offer of "Comtel" (hereinafter referred to as "Contractor") and contains all the essential terms of service on the website Executor
1.2 In accordance with para. 2, Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - the Civil Code), in case the conditions set forth below and payment of the Contract Offer, legal or natural person conducting the acceptance of this offer becomes Customer (in accordance with para. 3 of Art. 438 of the Civil Code, Offer acceptance is equivalent to the conclusion of the agreement to the terms set out in the offer), and the Contractor and the Customer together - Parties (and separately - Party) Contract Offer. Acceptance of the Offer is equivalent to the conclusion of a bilateral agreement in writing.
1.3 Taking this Contract Offer, the Purchaser agrees to the fact that these conditions do not infringe upon their legitimate rights.
1.4 In view of the above, carefully read the text of the public offer, and if you do not agree with its terms and conditions or any other item on its conditions and/or other documents, which are an integral part thereof, the Contractor offers you refuse to enter into this Contract Offer and Use Contractors services.
1.5 The text of this Agreement is located at:
1.6 This Contract Offer includes the following concepts and definitions:
IP-address - a unique network address of the node in a computer network based on IP protocol;
VPN-tunnel - a secure logical connection created between two endpoints by encapsulating multiple protocols over the Internet;
Website - all the pages the domain, available for viewing and performing actions Customer;
All contract - an agreement between the Contractor and the Customer for the provision of services, which is by acceptance of an offer.
Acceptance of the Offer - full and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement by the Offer registering on the site.
Register - account creation process by introducing the personal data on the site and receive a password to your account via e-mail and a short message to the mobile phone number of the Customer.
Account - a set of pages of a site containing personalized information of the Customer.
The customer (user) - a person who carries out the acceptance of the Offer and thus becoming the Customers services under this Agreement concluded.
Price list - the current systematic list of prices published on the site.
Service - technical solution of the Contractor on the website provided by the customer in order to fulfill obligations under this Agreement concluded.
Balance of the Customer - cash advance payments on account of the Contractor.
Service - providing the customer in the use of IP-addresses and VPN-tunnel to connect to the specified IP-address for a period corresponding to the payment according to the pricelist.
Accounting month - the period of service makes use of the number of calendar days of the current month on the date of commencement of use of the Service or the end of the previous reference month.
2.1 The Contractor shall provide the Customer Services in the amount and on the terms announced in the Treaty.
2.2 Customer shall accept and pay for the services of the Contractor in accordance with this Agreement and the price list.
2.3 After registering on the site, customers are able to use the services of service, namely:
2.3.1 Pay and receive rent a static IP-address and connection parameters to it via VPN-tunnel.
2.3.2 The minimum service period is one month accounting.
2.3.3 Maximum paid service period is twelve months accounting.
2.3.4 To assess possible to render services once provided by the Contractor to the Customer the possibility of gratuitous use of the service for three days, The customer then has the option to save the test IP-address, paid for the service.
2.3.5 During the term of service, the Customer has the option to extend the lease IP-address, payment of the balance of the cost of a new period of service.
2.3.6 After the end of the lease term prepaid IP- addresses access to it is blocked by the Contractor. If, within seven calendar days of service will not be renewed, blocked IP- address is transmitted to other users of the Service Contractor.
3.1 The Contractor undertakes to:
3.1.1 Duly paid by the Customer to provide services in accordance with this Agreement and the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.1.2 Promptly inform the customer about the changes in the structure of services provided under this Agreement and the terms of their provision, as well as all the situations, requiring additional approval.
3.1.3 Keep a record of consumption of services by the Customer.
3.2 Contractor may:
3.2.1 Unilaterally terminate this Agreement in the event of default by the Customer responsibilities for timely payments in order provided for in this Agreement and / or in cases where the legislation of the Russian Federation by the Customer using the services of a site violation of Site and its services.
3.2.2 Amend the terms of this Agreement notifying the customer via email. If the Contractor does not receive an email within 5 working days Customers refusal to accept such changes, and the Customer will continue to use the Services to the new conditions, changes in the Agreement shall be deemed accepted by the Customer.
3.2.3 Send to the e-mail address and mobile phone number Customer service status information, and other information relating to this contract.
3.2.4 Send e-mail to the customer (in the case of his consent when registering on the site) material information and advertising about this and other services of the Contractor.
3.3 The Customer undertakes to: 3.3.1 Pay for the services in accordance with the prices and under the conditions established in the Site.
3.3.2 Not to transfer their rights to use the services of a site services under the Contract Offer to any third party without the written consent of the Contractor.
3.3.3 Do not use the Services for purposes contrary to the legislation in force.
3.3.4 Customer agrees that the Contractor may process and use the personal data of the Customer in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" on 27.07.2006. (hereinafter - the "Law") in various ways, including through the implementation of automated analysis of personal data, and agree on their cross-border transfer for an indefinite term. This consent may be revoked by the Customer only upon written notice The Contractor not less than 180 days prior to the date of termination of the use of data by the Contractor.
3.3.5 Customer represents and warrants to the Contractor that concludes Contract Offer voluntarily, while fully acquainted with the conditions of the Offer, fully understands the subject of the Offer and the Offer Agreement, fully understands the meaning and consequences of their actions in regard to the conclusion and execution of the Contract Offer, and that has all the rights and powers necessary for the conclusion and execution of the Contract Offer and to authorize the use by the Contractor of information and materials provided by the Customer for the provision of services for the execution of the Contract Offer.
3.4 Customer rights:
3.4.1 Receive services in accordance with the terms of this offer.
3.4.2 Obtain necessary and truthful information about the artist and its services.
4.1 Payment of services is provided by the customer, is based on pre-payment in accordance with the price list published on the site.
4.2 Artist may unilaterally change the price for services.
4.3 The date of entry into force of the new prices is the date of their publication on the Site of the Contractor.
4.4 Services are subject to availability of funds on balance of the Customer in the amount not less than the cost of the necessary payment.
4.5 The minimum payment amount is the cost of renting one IP-address for one month.
4.6 The balance on the balance (if any) may be used by the Customer to extend the use or lease of new IP-based addresses.
4.7 Payment is made by the Customer by transferring funds to the account of the Contractor on the basis of an invoice issued by the Contractor through the online interface Yandex-money service in accordance with the form of payment chosen by the customer at the Contractors site.
4.8 Payment is made by the Customer at its own discretion and without liability provided by the Contractor. Security, privacy, as well as other conditions for the use of the selected method of customer / forms of payment beyond the scope of the Contract Offer and regulated by agreements between the Customer and relevant organizations (operators).
4.9 Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payments.
5.1 Producing registering on the site of the Contractor, the Customer agrees to the terms of this Agreement and the fact that he has no right to require the Contractor to any non-pecuniary, material damage or harm caused to the Customer as during the term of this Agreement, and upon the expiry of its validity, except in cases expressly provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.2 Artist under any circumstances shall not be liable hereunder for the information transmitted by the Customer to the Contractor to provide services.
5.3 The Contractor shall not be liable for any failure of customer service for any reasons beyond its control, including the disruption of communication lines, equipment failure, default of suppliers of certain services, etc.
5.4 The parties agreed that the Dispute will communicate via the web interface on the website of the Contractor, as well as e-mail. E-mail address of the Contractor receives the Customer when registering on the site.
5.5 In the case of claims against the Contractor by third parties in respect of material and information transmitted by the Customer to the Contractor to provide services, The Customer undertakes to settle all such claims and disputes on their own and at their own expense.
6.1 The parties agreed to mandatory compliance with the pre-trial order of claim settlement of disputes.
6.2 Customer claims for the services provided by the Company are accepted for consideration only in writing and no later than 10 calendar days from the date of of a dispute. Term review of the claims of the Customer shall not exceed 10 working days.
7.1 The Agreement shall enter into force on the date specified in clause 1.2 of the Contract Offer, and is valid until fulfillment of obligations by the Contractor to provide services to the extent corresponding to the product of the Customer under the Contract Offer Prepaid.
7.2 The contract can be extended if, within six months from the date of termination of the Agreement Customer Service resumes use of the Site.
7.3 Contractor shall be entitled at any time to unilaterally withdraw from the contract in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.4 Contractor may terminate the provision of services under this Agreement in case of violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation by the Customer using services Site without the payment of any compensation.
7.5 The customer may at any time unilaterally refuse services of the Contractor by the Contractors notice via the web interface of the Site.
7.6 In case of refusal by the customer service, it returns the sum of the remaining cash balance of the Customer (if any). Cash on the balance sheet of the Customer may be returned minus the cost of the services provided is based on the maximum rate.
8. Imprint isponiteli
Full name: Limited Liability Company "Com Telecom"
Short name: LLC "Comtel"
Legal address: 117513, Moscow, Ostrovityanova st. 10/1
Mailing address: 117638, Moscow, Krivorozhskaya st. 21 Bldg. 3
INN 7728501213
PPC 772801001
Current account 40702810300001000677
Bank KB "VEGA-BANK" (LLC) Moscow
K/a 30101810500000000226
БИК 044585226
ОКПО 71350867
BIN 1037789051112
Phone: +7(495)646-86-06
Fax: +7(495)319-83-07
General Director: Sergey V. Sergeev

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