RUSSIAN VPN with static IP address

Individual IP settings for each client
Secure use Online resources
Access to Corporate e-mail
Remote access to bank payment systems
Creating a virtual network – VPN
Secure Connection mobile devices in public places

Do you think that is safe to use INTERNET RESOURCES?

Tens of millions of computer users are exposed to hacker attacks
ezhednevnoi infected with viruses that can destroy data 
Hundreds of thousands of Internet users every month faced with the theft of usernames and passwords
from their accounts on resources, as well as mailboxes and accounts of social networks. 
Tens of thousands of cases of embezzlement of funds through the client-bank systems all over the world every day.
Which then is very difficult to trace and prove!
Hundreds of cases of identity theft every day only in Moscow.
As a consequence, all sorts of machinations on your behalf.
One scandal leak intimate photos and videos virtually every day. Even large corporations
such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc. not insured.

Why do our customers trust us?

Certificates and licenses

Services are provided by the Russian company, which has all the necessary licenses.


All equipment is certified and meets the most stringent safety requirements.

The server is in the Russian Federation

All equipment is located on the territory of the Russian Federation


Years of experience in the field of computer security and resiliency.


Several thousand customers who use our services for more than ten years.


Leased IP addresses are not blocked and are not in the SPAM-bases.

WHERE Working VPN?

Using a VPN tunnel is possible on devices with different operating systems such as high-grade and mobile (Windows, MAC OS, Android, etc.). If you have questions you can always ask them.

PC, Notebook, iMac и Macbook
All devices 
Apple IPad и Google Android
All plates 
IPhone, Android и Windows Phone
In all modern smartphones

With us you the following options:

Full use of any Internet resources, regardless of the network,
is connected to your computer, mobile device or router.
Access to corporate email and information resources
corporate computer network.
Remote access to bank payment systems
- funds transfer and account management.
Create virtual networks - VPN for network gaming and online communication.
Make visible that you are in another region.

Leased your ip-address is only available to you, which means that it will work with just you! Reliability and availability from anywhere in the world, providing you with a connection for continuous and safe use of financial instruments and services that require a permanent ip-address.
When working through the VPN transfer of all data is safe network protocol that provides protection against interception of passwords online privacy of correspondence, billing information, etc..
Simple registration system does not take much time, and illustrated instructions make it easy to configure the connection.


How we work

You create an account
ACCEPT the Offer Contract

Rates for rental of a dedicated ip

Tariff "Basic"
1 month
8 usd
in month
Tariff "Summer"
3 months
7 usd
in month
Tariff "Optimal"
6 months*
6 usd
in month
*-offer is limited
Tariff "Maximum"
12 months*
4 usd
in month
*-offer is limited

Daily packages

Tariff “Day 10”
10 ip
4 usd
in day
Tariff “Day 30”
30 ip
8 usd
in day
Tariff “Day 50”
50 ip
13 usd
in day
Tariff “Day 100”
100 ip
25 usd
in day

What are the DAILY PACKAGES?

Mass registration on resources such as AVITO, mamba, vk, ok, fb, youtube & nbsp; and more
Cheat votes and Likes
Simulating the work of different people by working across multiple IP
Work with objections from the "other" users
Bypass restrictions on registration by means other IP

All our servers are located on our hosting platforms, & nbsp; we guarantee their quick and quality work.
Our proxy server is not "die" as the service is deployed on their servers, and is not made of the botnet. We guarantee uptime at least 99% that is unattainable for free proxy. Purchased server subscriptions will work as long as your subscription is valid, which can be extended at any time and for any period.

Warning! Our service may not be used for hacking, fraud and fraud on the Internet.

European VPN

We offer you a European VPN service. He is not in the SPAM bases and various "black lists". We have no closed ports and other restrictions, without under Russian law and generally accepted rules of Internet usage. We try to provide you with the best possible service quality and reliability and we expect that you will not abuse the services and opportunities to break our rules.

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What customers say

Dennis Chan

Using your vpn first time. Easy to use, excellent speed. Highly recommended.

Brandon William

its great... Fast and no qualms... Keep up the good work... Internet should always be surfed freely :)

Kimberly Moore

Which do I prefer: that vpn means I'm a good, secure internet user (pat on head)...or that I can now watch Netflix US in the Sydney...

Gaba Oumar

Express VPN High speed, ultra secure and easy to use vpn service. Instant setup on all devices.

Tobias Muller

VPN is the best solution when working from Asia for nine months each year! Thanks for all your quick and great support!!

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